Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

Gain access to exclusive digital assets and contribute to the ecosystem
Unlike Centralized Exchanges(CEX), Decentralized Exchange (DEX) does not require intrusive Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures and gives users full custody of their assets at all times when exchanging their digital assets through smart contracts known as an automated market maker or liquidity pools- the key feature of a decentralized exchange.
On Intella X DEX, users can discover various liquidity pools comprised of commercialized digital assets as well as exclusive game tokens that they can freely trade without reliving custody of their assets or involvement of any third-party centralized authority.
In addition, users in the Intella X ecosystem can participate in Intella X's Proof of Contributionand Revenue Redistribution protocols by providing liquidity or staking their assets through the Intella X DEX.
The Intella X DEX will be available at the official launch of the wallet. Make sure to check back to the service documentation for updated information and guidelines on the DEX, and services offered.